Burnt Out Bulb


Sometimes it is so much easier to come up with bad ideas than good ones. This past week all I can think of are bad ideas.

So far I have come up with designating a wall strictly for graffiti, having work buildings made almost entirely of glass, and seriously inventing the hover chairs from Wall-E.

The first would not stop graffiti and would probably promote people to vandalize walls even more. The second would greatly reduce electricity bills but would probably make the AC run on constant full blast. And the last well… have you seen Wall-E?


Does all of this bad idea brain storming really help us come up with good ideas? After a week of doing this, my bad idea column is filled while my good idea column is still empty. Sure I have flushed myself clean of bad ideas, but does this mean only good ideas should come at this point?

In the wise words of Natasha Bedingfield

“I need some help some inspiration, but it’s not coming easily”

I am experiencing some serious creativity block. Help me! I need to find a need somewhere that must be fulfilled, but the only need I see so far is my need for an idea. Feeling like a burnt out bulb that just won’t light up.



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