Education Appreciation

I don’t think we thank our teachers enough. Whatever happened to leaving apples on teachers’ desks? I mean, we only really thank our teachers when they do something beneficial for us. We often forget they are always doing extraordinary things for us.


I know that my life would be drastically different had I not had the teachers that I had. For instance, my eighth grade English teacher showed me that what I have to say actually matters. She gave me the greatest gift I have ever received, self confidence. If I never had her as a teacher, I don’t know if I would have accomplished everything I have accomplished today.

I want to change this. Teachers need to be thanked everyday. They need to be thanked just for putting up with students and being teachers. That is why I am launching a delivery system where students can just send in videos or letters to be shared out to the world. A public thanking (rather than shaming). This idea just also happens to fall into the Thanksgiving season! I want to expand this project across all social media to get people excited about sending a little something to remind teachers that they are being appreciated.

teacher thank you printable

This project is still very much in its infant stages, but I want to call it Education Appreciation. I am excited for where this project is going to go. Since I was so profoundly affected by a teacher in my life, I want to make sure that teachers know all of their hard work is not going to waste.



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