First Dates: To be or not to be?

To be, or not to be. The question that plagues us all. It is the basis for every decision we have to make.

Although we are plagued with decisions every moment of our lives, I would like to focus on the trials and tribulations of a first date. Please be aware that this is just one girl’s advice to guys.


1. The Readiness is All

Have everything planned out before the date starts. You want to make a good first impression so don’t try to wing it on the first date just in case things go wrong. You have one shot, so make it count! Have backup plans if necessary too in case of sudden weather changes or things getting sold out.

2. Give a Token of Affection

When you go to pick her up, bring a small gift. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it guarantees a great start to the date and it’s just that extra cherry on top. It shows the girl that you’ve put a lot of thought into the date.

3. Get Close

Take her somewhere where physical contact is the norm, like ice skating. It will help break the ice and get you two more comfortable around each other.


4. Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Once you’ve made it past the actual date, hopefully you’ll want to see her again. Saying goodnight can be very awkward but that’s okay, it’s supposed to be a little awkward. Just make sure you assure her that you had a wonderful time and that you want to see her again. I would play it safe and go for the hug, but if you’re feeling mighty adventurous…

These tips won’t guarantee a great first date. What really makes it great is the connection you form with the other person. So whatever you are deciding to do, to be or not to be, always choose to be your interesting and charismatic self!


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