Why Can’t We Be Friends?

We all have natural prejudices against other people and groups. No matter how much we deny that we have these prejudices, they exist on some subconscious level. We cannot escape them.

Why do we have these predisposed judgments? The environment that we are raised in plays a huge role in that. Everyday we hear of stereotypes and the prejudices of others. But the environment isn’t the only thing that makes us prejudiced; prejudice is somewhat innate as well.

It is bred within us to be wary of the unfamiliar. This goes for every animal in the animal kingdom. Animals will often attack others who come from different packs and it is no different with humans. We fear the unknown and so it is natural that we develop a dislike toward the unfamiliar.


These prejudices have dictated how humans have interacted with each other since the beginning of time. Because of these prejudices, people can develop a hatred towards each other from sight. Unfortunately for Frankenstein’s creature, his giant stature and hideous looks invoked disgust and fear in all who saw him. This left him ostracized from society and turned him violent. All throughout history there are examples of when prejudices turn sour. Who can forget the genocide of Native Americans, slavery, and most jarring, the Holocaust. Even today the dispute between Palestinians and Israelis is a perfect example of how prejudices only get in the way of harmony.

Prejudice only seems to breed contempt which leads to discrimination. It would be wonderful if I could just say let’s all be friends and see each other as human beings but alas, this is much easier said than done.


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