Call From Samantha

WARNING: This blog post contains spoilers for the movie, Her.


I recently watched the Spike Jonze film, Her. I must say, it was an emotional roller coaster. If you haven’t seen it, you should. I watched it Sunday and I’m still trying to completely digest it.

The character Samantha, enters into a relationship with a man named Theodore. They talk everyday, go on dates, and get intimate with one another. The only problem? Samantha is an operating system. She is not human and has no body. She is completely programmed.

How is this possible? The movie is set sometime in the future when artificial intelligence is extremely advanced. Samantha’s “mind” seems exactly like a human’s, able to love and feel the full range of human emotions.


Samantha craves to be a part of the human world. She feels inadequate for Theodore because she cannot truly experience everytyhing that he can. She just wants to be accepted into his society. This conflict reminds me of something: Dr. Frankenstein’s creature. He too was created and whether or not it was intentional, began to feel human emotions. However, he can never be fully a part of the human world because of his deformities. He craves to be accepted but it can never be.

Which is better? To be created and feel all of these emotions but not really be human, or to never be created at all? This half existence is torturous for both Samantha and the creature. The movie Her has really given me a lot of perspective on what it means to be human. We are such complex creatures who thrive off of the love of others. That may sound like a bad thing, but love is such a wonderful emotion to feel. The love of family and friends gives an extacy like no other.

I’m glad I’m human.



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