Taking My Own Advice


It is time to put all of my posts about disappointment and being happy with your situation into practice. I know I have preached all of these positive messages about dealing with disappointment and making the most out of everything, but now that I have to do all of these things myself, I realize how hard it is.

Yesterday, I was rejected from the school I had been dreaming about going to for the last four years. I felt numb when I read my rejection letter. No feelings or thoughts hit me. However, this morning when I told my parents the news, I could not stop crying. All of these feelings of inadequacy, failure, and disappointment clubbed me over the head.

I can do nothing now but move on from this setback. After purging all of my emotions and articulating everything I was feeling, I can continue with a clear mind. I know that even though my best was not good enough for this college, it doesn’t mean that my best is not good enough for everything else I want in life. I have come to terms with this rejection and accepted it.

I am now looking at all of the other amazing opportunities that have presented themselves to me. I have been accepted to other great colleges and I know that wherever I end up, I can make the most of it and truly be happy. I will not let this rejection damper the next four years of my life. This rejection does not define me: how I handle it does.

So with that, I can truly say that I am excited for where these next four years will take me. This next chapter is supposed to be the prime of my life and I intend to make it so. Even though I won’t be where I always imagined myself to be, I will be okay.



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